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  • What is the Healthy Way Diet Program and how does it work?
    • The Healthy Way Diet Program is a complete package of materials that will both educate and guide you through a diet program that has proved successful for adopting a balanced way of eating to achieve and maintain weight loss and a healthier state of fitness. This program does not advocate quick-fix, unhealthy weight-loss solutions, but provides a sustainable way of improving your health and regulating and maintaining your weight. It’s the comprehensive guide on diet planning that you have been waiting for. You will not only get answers on what, how much, and when to eat, but also information on the causes of weight gain and health related diseases and ailments. The Healthy Way Diet Program:

      • Explains different classes of foods and their respective benefit to weight loss
      • Advises on the appropriate intake of different foods depending on your metabolic type
      • Discusses the causes of weight gain and how you can avoid them
      • Recommends diet alternatives suited to your special needs and lifestyle
      • Helps you in setting and tracking your weight-loss goals
      • Provides scientific facts about calories, weight-loss, metabolism, diet and nutrition
      • Includes meal plans that you can customize and follow, healthy weight loss recipes, and a success journal
      • Explains why many diet plans fail and what you can do to succeed in your goal of achieving a healthy, fit body

      In addition, the Healthy Way Diet Program will provide you with specific tips on healthier methods of cooking food, selecting and combining the right kind of foods, and customizing your diet to your needs. The program also busts many weight loss and diet myths, and gives you answers to many of the most perplexing diet questions.

  • Do I have to give up meat to lose weight?
      • No. If you chose to follow a vegetarian diet, this program will provide some crucial information on how to do so in a healthy manner, but in fact, this program promotes a balance from all food groups for achieving weight loss.